Futuro Perfecto: End of Time Portraits

For 6 nights at Berlin Bar & Bistro
Friday March 1st – Wednesday March 6th, 7-11pm

It’s been an eventful journey since photographing each of you on December 21st 2012. David started to have some significant changes in his heart. The good news is he’s making friends with a very different heartbeat.

So we are now able to share with you what turned out to be a remarkable collection of heartfelt and revealing life on that day of endings and beginnings. The collection itself is like a song of life. Each face tells a story that reveals the ebb and flow of all the elements that make up our lives.  There is beauty in this collection of honesty – each face revealing a rich truth. Thank you all for sharing yourselves with us.
We look forward to seeing you at the Berlin Bar and on the streets of San Miguel.
David and Susan
Everyday Wonder Productions