Berlin Bar & Bistro and Skot Foreman Gallery are pleased to present Border Crossings: a two-man exhibition featuring Alejandro Santiago (Mexican 1964-2013) and Purvis Young (American 1943-2010).

Though these artists of kindred spirit never knew one another, they were separated only by border and culture. Santiago from the highlands of Oaxaca and Young from the inner city of Miami known as Overtown. Sharing a strong figurative expressive brushstroke both artists remained deeply connected throughout their lives to their respective roots and communities. While Young only crossed borders in his mind, via the books and videos he devoured during and after incarceration, Santiago traveled extensively throughout continental Europe and the United States, returning to his homeland in the latter part of his life.

–Skot Foreman Fine Art

The exhibition focuses on the story of their people, the passions of humanity and spirits of the afterlife.

Alejandro Santiago – Two Portraits (Untitled) – 2011

Purvis Young – Two Angels – 1996