Alberto Lenz and William Fares

Opening reception on Friday, August 4, from 6:00 PM

at Berlin Bar & Bistro, Umarán #19, San Miguel de Allende

Lenz-FaresJoin us for the opening of Sin Fronteras / No Borders, where Alberto Lenz and William Fares will be sharing the walls of Berlin Bar & Bistro with their recent works.

William Fares works in a minimalist approach, by cutting geometric shapes and silhouettes that fold atop themselves, integrated with the paper or canvas background that contains them. This figure/ground interpretation is a central proposal in Fares’s work, dissolving boundaries between the object and its background, the container and the contents.

Alberto Lenz addresses geometric abstraction away from a minimalist perspective. The works he presents in this exhibition are a great baroque carnival of designs, colors and shapes that are repeated from on work to another. Using the multiplication and repetition of basic geometric figures, the artist shows that a small number of simple structures can create a large number of more complex ones, as happens in nature.