Our menu features a delightful and surprising variety of dishes—from traditional “comfort food” like juicy grilled bratwurst and premium hamburgers to unique preparations like pan-roasted salmon fused with a snappy Mexican smoked chipotle pepper sauce. Ingredients are always fresh and delivered daily from San Miguel’s abundant local markets. Bread is baked fresh from La Mesa Grande.

We have a full bar with a superb selection of spirits including a variety of single malt scotches. To complement your meal, we proudly serve coffee from Caffé Diemme.

Berlin Bar & Bistro accepts Cash, Visa, and MasterCard

Our bread is freshly baked by La Mesa Grande


Beet carpaccio with caper vinaigrette $85
Tuna tartare on fresh cucumbers 110
Salmon cakes with chipotle sauce and a cucumber-dill salad 85
Large crunchy shrimp with tartar sauce, served with a fresh raspberry-chipotle dressed salad 130
Spicy orange-thyme asparagus 85
Breaded asparagus with Serrano ham 95
Baked camembert with a sweet-spicy berry sauce 95


Spinach cream with croutons $75
Potato with carrot and dill 75
Goulash “light” with lean beef, potatoes, herbs and carrots 125


Caesar-style hearts of lettuce, with grapefruit, croutons, and parmesan cheese $85
Mixed salad with grilled asparagus and balsamic vinaigrette 85
Mixed greens dressed with goat cheese and dressed with our special house herb vinaigrette 85
Dagmar special salad – with greens, apples and goat cheese
  —solo 85
  —with grilled chicken or grilled Portobello 95
  —with grilled salmon 130
“German” salad: a combo of potatoes, cucumbers, beets, and carrots 105


Giant Portobello stuffed with goat cheese and greens $95
Cheese Spätzle: German-style pasta with mozzarella, sautéed with shallots, mushrooms, and bell pepper 95
Alsatian crêpes, filled with goat cheese and spinach or mushrooms 110


Grilled chicken filet, served with cheese Spätzle and side salad $140
Chicken breast ragoût braised in cream, with mushrooms, capers, and rice 145
Saltimbocca-style chicken, served with spinach, tomato, and goat cheese 135
Sautéed chicken breast garnished with Parmesan cheese, served with a creamy asparagus risotto 175


Delicate whitefish poached in broth with hearty veggies $140
The “Berlin”: our signature potato-crusted and sautéed whitefish, served with home-made sauerkraut and a fresh yogurt-dill sauce 175
Poached salmon filet in a rich Dijon herb sauce, served with potatoes au gratin and asparagus 185
Grilled salmon in a honey berry chipotle sauce, served atop sautéed seasonal veggies 185


Our generous hamburger with crunchy French fries and a salad $130
Steak frites: grilled arrachera, French fries and a salad 195
Tender filet mignon, served with hollandaise sauce, potatoes au gratin and a salad 225
Imported, juicy Ribeye steak, served with sautéed veggies, grilled tomato and your choice of fried, mashed or sautéed potatoes 285
Imported New York strip steak, same sides as above 275

Berlin Classics

Bratwurst: roasted German sausage, served with homemade Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes $130
Wienerschnitzel: escalloped pork, served with a fresh potato salad 170
Jägerschnitzel: a giant pork chop, bathed in mushroom sauce and served with French fries 185
Goulash: a hearty beef stew with paprika and herbed mashed potatoes 180
Oven roasted pork shank, served with spinach and herbed mashed potatoes 220

Desserts and Coffee

Fresh carrot cake $75
Very rich, dark chocolate marquise with a berry sauce 80
Hot, dark chocolate soufflé (20 minutes…please order with your meal!) 75
Crepes flambéed with seasonal berries, fruit, and ice cream 70
Caffé Diemme Americano 30
Caffé Diemme Espresso 30
Caffé Diemme Cappuccino 35

Please ask about our selection of digestifs

…this chill and trendy bar draws a silver fox set who stop by for its strong drinks and artsy crowd…

New York Times

…the artsy, bohemian crowd in San Miguel consider this German bar, restaurant and art gallery their second home…


We are open Monday through Saturday, from 5:00 pm to 12:00 am.

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